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Today on the blog we continue our series on FAQs we get asked at Notts PR with perhaps the most simple but important question of them all – how can a PR agency help me?

In a world where social media influencers and SEO tactics are as important as national media coverage, the way that a PR agency can help a business client has rapidly evolved.

Public relations is about how the public relates to your business and how your brand relates to the public. A PR agency will help you better understand how your business is perceived by its customers, and help you better define the key messages you want to convey.

At the most simple level, a PR agency can help a business by gaining them media coverage that will lead to increased awareness of the client, and ultimately to a growth in sales.

This can be coverage across the traditional media, such as printed profiles in the business sections of national newspapers, but increasingly today it will be about delivering online coverage and all important hyperlinks from media sites.

These deliver masses of traffic and oodles of lovely SEO value. In today’s competitive online trading environment links from media sites really are worth their weight in gold.

However agencies are ever expanding in what services they offer. What used to just be about sales and achieving national media coverage has evolved into a larger multi faceted industry.

Now, your social media output and analysis of SEO are just as important as the more traditional ways of obtaining coverage.

Handling the different elements of PR in house requires a huge amount of time and resources, and having an agency help you achieve the coverage you need is a often a simpler and more effective use of business’ money.

Agencies can help you by taking on as many different aspects of PR as is needed, whilst offering a fresh perspective on your business and providing creative ideas to get national coverage.

They can help maximise your social media output, as well as provide SEO analysis, all with the purpose of generating more coverage for your business.

In PR content is king, and a successful agency will know how to create engaging content that will catch a journalist’s eye.

Furthermore, it is likely that an agency will already have well established connections with journalists and media outlets, and will therefore know who is best to pitch specific content to.

Traditionally it was difficult to measure PR results but the move to digital PR has allowed more accurate tracking. A digital PR agency will work to measurable KPIs including output, items of coverage won and quantity of links delivered each month.

Overall PR is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing there is. Little wonder big brands invest so much in it. For smaller companies it can also be a much better investment than expensive and ineffective advertising.