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Lucinda Marshall

Lucinda Marshall

Junior Account Exec at Notts PR.
Lucinda Marshall

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How a business communicates with its customers says a lot about them and many people will decide if they can trust a brand based on it’s reputation for customer service.

Clearly communication is something that every business, no matter how small or large, needs to be mindful of. But if you’re a small business, you’re probably wondering how to improve your communications. Below is a collection of tips that should guide you in how to communicate better with your customers.

Top Communication Tips
  1. Authenticity

Customers love authentic brands that have a distinctive voice. Having a brand voice is incredibly important, and this should determine how you communicate on your businesses social media.

But whilst it’s important to be authentic with customers, it’s also important to speak like a human being. Don’t be too formal, but also, don’t be too slang.

  1. Have a conversation with your customers

Take time to have genuine conversations with your customers. This is especially important on social media. If someone is praising you, respond (likewise with complaints). It’s important to acknowledge rather than ignore. Even the biggest and best brands acknowledge and don’t ignore complaints – so why should you?

  1. Use buyer personas

If you’re unsure about whom you need to be communicating to as a business, create buyer personas to use a guide. Create an image of the ideal person that you know who would benefit from your business and then plan a communications strategy around that person.

  1. Engage and create relevant content

This is especially important for social media. Create content that you know your customers will enjoy. If you’re a creative business, having social accounts like Instagram and Pinterest will be beneficial, as they’re creative-led channels which your customers will probably have.

  1. Don’t just talk about your business

On social media, don’t just talk about your business. Although it is important to discuss business matters, it’s also good to venture outside of your usual topics every once in a while. Share posts from industry leaders, talk about certain days (for example, it could be #NationalChocolateDay or the first day of spring). By keeping the content interesting, customers will keep engaging.

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