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Lucinda Marshall

Lucinda Marshall

Junior Account Exec at Notts PR.

Bright lights, big city – there’s a reason so many graduates want to work in London straight after finishing University.

The capital is often seen as the land of opportunity for a job seeker. It’s a place that offers big pay cheques, a tonne of career options and great graduate schemes – but is London really all its cracked up to be? And how does London compare to working as a graduate in a city like Nottingham?

London is city buzzing with culture, bars, restaurants and entertainment. But it is also a place that can swallow your pay cheque. Rent and travel costs are much higher as are necessary expenses like food and socialising. Competition for jobs is also incredibly fierce, as final year students all have the exact same intention. For this reason, there are hundreds of individuals applying for a single graduate vacancy.

There is an idealistic image of the capital that sometimes overshadows cities that are actually great places to work in. Whilst Nottingham may not be a number one choice for graduates, its certainly doesn’t mean that it isn’t full of culture and opportunity.

Some of the UK’s biggest businesses are based in Nottinghamshire (Experian, Boots, Pendragon PLC and Wilkinson are just to name a few). There are also amazing bars and restaurants that are bursting with modern culture, and it’s a city with a rich history behind it.

As a graduate working in PR, yes, London is the great place to work. But the possibility of having a successful career in the industry shouldn’t be overlooked just because you aren’t living and working in the capital.

There are some regional agencies that log national media coverage everyday. The power of the internet has meant that PR is no longer limited to London. Just because you don’t work in the capital does not mean you can’t get your story seen by millions.

London certainly isn’t the devil, but to be successful do you really need to make the move? If you are thinking about heading to the capital after you graduate, make sure you do your research and weigh up your career options. A career in your hometown may not be as bad as you think.


Notts PR is a PR agency based in Nottingham.