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Lucinda Marshall

Lucinda Marshall

Junior Account Exec at Notts PR.
Lucinda Marshall

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Today on the blog we are continuing our series on the Notts businesses we admire with a closer look at student discount service UNiDAYS.

Thanks to UNiDAYS, thousands of students can get their hands on exclusive discounts from the world’s best-loved brands.

And it all started in Nottingham back in in 2008, when four university graduates came together after discovering each had already garnered some years of experience in the digital world.

They came up with the idea after identifying a niche in the online student discount market. Now, the company employs over 130 people in the office based in Nottingham’s Caste Boulevard, and has recently opened offices in London, Sydney and New York.

It was in early 2011 when UNiDAYS finally began to take shape, after the company secured a trial with ASOS. This was a major turning point, and led to a permanent deal with the online fashion retailer. Since then, hundreds of other brands have followed suit.


Now, the company can offer exclusive discounts from some of the UK’s most-loved online brands (including Topshop, Missguided, National Express, Superdrug, Levi’s and Spotify) through their app and website.

Before UNiDAYS, most student discounts were only available with a card that the student had to pay for. But the clever thing about UNiDAYS is that they charge retailers rather than students, which means that they could increase the student audience to make products accessible to everyone.

As a recent graduate, I was someone that loved and enjoyed UNiDAYS as a student. Their app is so simple to navigate through, making it easy to find the best deals from all of your favourite brands. Also, the app itself verifies your student status, which is great if you ever forget or lose your student card (which admittedly, I did a couple of times).

They also email you with discount deals they know you’ll like (for me, it was always when ASOS was offering 20%) and their social media always keeps you up to date with any new discounts (some of them were cracking!)

Now the company have taken things international. They started by tackling the Irish market, before expanding to an office in Sydney, Australia, and then New York. By expanding to America, big stateside brands such as Microsoft, Urban Outfitters and Bed, Bath and Beyond have offered codes to the company.

Admittedly, one of their most successful partnerships so far is undoubtedly with Apple. UNiDAYS has a major global deal with Apple Music, which offers the streaming site for £4.99 per month, half of the usual £9.99 price.

The company are now looking to expand their office even further, and have recently joined a programme for fast growing pioneering tech firms.

Not bad for a Nottingham start-up.