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Beth Bishop

Beth Bishop

Account Executive at Notts PR
Account Executive at Notts PR.
Beth Bishop

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Most people who are from or live in Nottingham are probably used to the whole Robin Hood association when they introduce their home town.

Of course, we know there’s a lot more to Notts than our hero in green tights. But there’s no doubt about it that he’s a big part of the area’s heritage and culture as well as British folklore. He’s done more to PR Nottingham than any other figure including Brian Clough.

It was sad for many then when The Robin Hood Legacy, a tourist attraction on Friar Lane, looked like it may be shutting up shop due to its owner’s retirement.

But an unlikely hero has stepped forward. Dutch couple Dirk and Sonja Plug are self-proclaimed Robin Hood fans – and The Robin Hood Legacy’s latest investors.

After falling in love with Nottingham’s history at a Robin Hood Festival, the pair have been enthusiasts ever since. But they won’t be the first or the last to be inspired by the legend, as Robin Hood has already been at the forefront of multiple media campaigns over the years that have helped put the city on the map.

When Robin Hood was busy stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he surely didn’t realise he would become the muse for Walt Disney and renowned Hollywood director Ridley Scott, just for starters.

He’s lead marketing campaigns, headlined newspaper stories, provided the theme to hundreds of restaurants, bars, songs, tourist attractions and parities. So what is it about Robin Hood that seems to inspire and reach people so well?

He’s a good-hearted villain who bent the rules for the right reasons. He’s a wild and rugged outlaw with top-notch ethics. He strikes a balance of rebellion and compassion – a man who was not afraid to fight for a cause and rock the system. He also had a pretty iconic dress code.

And we have Dirk and Sonja to thank for helping to keep his legacy alive in the city. We’re tipping our feathered caps.


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