A controversial TV weight loss expert has enlisted the help of a Nottingham marketing firm to help with his latest national health awareness campaign.

Steve Miller, who hosts Fat Families on Sky 1, has called in NottsPR.com to help publicise his campaign calling for tougher Government measures to tackle Britain’s ballooning obesity problem.

Mr Miller, who has been called the Simon Cowell of weight loss for his no-nonsense approach, has asked Theresa May and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to introduce new measures such as hypnotherapy sessions for over weight NHS workers.

He wants health workers such as doctors, nurses and dieticians to be encouraged to set a good example to their patients by maintaining a healthy body weight.

He has also called on the Government to introduce badges for over weight NHS staff saying, “Be inspired. I’m fat but I’m losing it.”

Birmingham based Mr Miller believes his measures would save the NHS millions in cash spent on treating diseases associated with obesity.

He called in NottsPR.com, based in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, to help him spread the word about his new campaign.

They began work on the campaign this month and have already made national headlines with the story also being picked up by several TV news bulletins.

Steve Miller said: “Fat doctors, nurses and other professionals set a terrible example to patients. How can a fat dietician sit there and tell a patient he or she needs to lose weight?

“It’s no exaggeration to say that fat health workers could be killing their patients by sending out the message that it’s ok and even normal to be obese – it isn’t.

“These health care professionals should know better but sadly a growing number are letting themselves become obese and they are sending a message to patients that it is ok to be fat.

“But being fat is unhealthy and massively increases the chances of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and many other conditions.

“My recommendations may seem drastic but I’m afraid we are in a dire situation now with the majority of UK adults and a growing number of children overweight.

“Drastic times call for drastic measures and it’s time the Government intervened and stopped pussy footing around the problem, too scared to act because of political correctness.

“Getting fat health care professionals to wear a badge that reads ‘I’m Fat So I Am Losing It’ will also help to motivate patients.

 “It is high time something was done and I hope Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt will take up my recommendations and help get Britain healthy again.”

NottsPR.com director Steve McComish said there was a serious public health message behind the campaign.

He said: “Steve Miller is a fantastic character and has been described as the Simon Cowell of weight loss due to his outspoken and straight talking approach.

“But his key message is a very serious one and with obesity on the rise in Britain it’s one which needs to be heard.

“We are delighted to be working with Steve to spread awareness of his campaign. It has already been warmly received by media and we have been arranging a number of national newspaper and TV interviews.”

NottsPR.com is the regional division of national media relations agency London PR which was founded in Nottingham ten years ago.



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