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Lucinda Marshall

Lucinda Marshall

Junior Account Exec at Notts PR.
Lucinda Marshall

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Yesterday was a busy day here at the Notts PR offices, as we had a huge media response to one of our campaigns and generated a ton of fantastic coverage and traffic for one of our lovely online clients.

Since its launch in 2014, we have been working with Nottingham based healthy food retailer Muscle Food. We’ve been supporting the company since the beginning, and have watched it grow into a nationally recognised brand.

For our latest brand building story, we used a successful money-saving blogger, who purchases bulk-buy products from the retail site. From experience, we know our contacts in the media enjoy case studies, but we also know that they need to be relevant and have a unique angle that the journalist will be interested in.

With the help of our eye-catching headline, great pictures and our strong media contacts, we were able to get the story across the majority of the national news websites, with the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, Metro and Daily Star using the piece (just to name a few).

We’ve watched the campaign receive thousands of comments, shares, and likes on social media, and with the help of follow links, Muscle Food’s site traffic has also increased.

Not bad for a Wednesday.


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