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Beth Bishop

Beth Bishop

Account Executive at Notts PR
Account Executive at Notts PR.
Beth Bishop

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Most of us are well accustomed to our inboxes brimming with emails from companies pushing their products and services.

There’s no denying that email marketing is a fantastic tool, and thanks to the introduction of platforms like MailChimp companies can easily plan and execute a really effective campaign.

But creating an engaging e-marketing campaign that stands out in a crowded inbox can be difficult . After all, and be honest, how many marketing emails do you open?

These top tips should help all newbies well on their way to e-marketing goals.

Make a plan ?

All great campaigns start with a bright idea.

So start by asking yourself what you want to achieve.Think about the messages you want to push, how to make them more engaging and when the best time to push them might be.

 Be engaging and topical ?

Don’t be afraid to make your messages fun, as long as they’re clear and on topic.

Have a variety of images and videos if possible and definitely tailor emails around the time of year and what’s topical.

Be careful with huge news stories and viral campaigns, sometimes it works if you can link your messages in but make sure it’s not totally irrelevant, random or inappropriate.

Give your subject some thought ?

Your subject is the decider of whether a person will delete the email or open it. Normally there are two reasons a person will open an email: opportunity and curiosity.

If there’s the chance to make the most of a deal people often will, and they won’t want to miss it.

‘20% off until 12pm tomorrow ?’

If you’re not shouting about a deal or promotion, a fun or quirky title that sparks curiosity can work.

‘There’s only one thing we love more than Fridays…’

Don’t be afraid to throw an emoji or two in there now and again. They’ll help your email stand out

Cut the copy ? ?

Don’t send out emails with reams of copy, no one is going to read it.

Good emails don’t have loads of clunky paragraphs in them, they grab attention and offer a click through to more information. So cut the copy and maximise visual cues – the idea of having to read a lot is just a bit boring.

Don’t bombard ?
Nothing is more annoying than being bombarded with five emails a day from the same sender.

Don’t make the mistake of blowing up people’s inboxes – you’re likely to have unsubscribers all over the place.

As a general rule try not to send more than one email every 2-3 days. A weekly round up or newsletter is a good way to make sure you don’t miss any highlights without annoying people with them.

Consistency is key ?
It’s important to be consistent in all of your communications across all channels, and e-communications are no different. So first things first, set up a template.

When you design your email template keep it consistent with the brand and logo. Tone of voice should mirror all forms of existing customer communication.

Don’t go colour-crazy ?

Simple, clean emails with nice visuals and no more than three different colours work best.

Always link ?
Everything you put into an email communication should encourage people to click through for more information or to your website. So those ‘buy here’ and ‘read more’ buttons are pretty important.

There’s no point in showing off an awesome product if your customer can’t click through to buy it. Don’t create barriers by not linking.

Never attach ?
It’s an obvious one, but make sure you don’t attach. Ever.

Attaching big files is another fast track road to unsubcribes-ville. Even worse, if you keep sending big attachments you could be automatically put into spam or even blacklisted.

Download links are the way forward when it comes to providing materials or files via email.



Beth Bishop is account exec at Notts PR.